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Episode 13 - The Secret Life of Amanda Ballantyne

We are on a roll people and we are already preparing for Season 3 of the show but first, we have one of highlights of Season 2 coming atcha. I know many people in DWF Nation has been waiting for this one. Amanda Ballantyne from the Amanda Ballantyne Show (soon to be picked up by a very smart network) is with us and she is sharing some of her funniest stories!

Its also a very special episode: The Pink Dick Special! To clarify, if you have already listened to the podcast and you heard us announce the Pink Dick Special and I mention my Dad with a sunburn….his name is Richard. I am not talking about my Dad’s @#$%! Glad we clarified that.

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This is an episode you don't want to miss. Not only do you get a glimpse into what a dental appointment would be like with yours truly, you get stories that not enough people get to enjoy. Stories that should be broadcasted to the masses. Who ruined Christmas, Unicorns, Farts (multiple times), Cops and high beams, groping, and the long awaited conclusion of the bachelorette party from hell (all is well that ends well). We got it all this week.

My body is a wonderland, I use my hands....and my head because I have decided to be good to my temple and take a [short] break from drinking. It’s all good people. Drink, don’t drink, no judgement here on DWF. But we do ask the question: what makes someone an alcoholic? If you know the scientific, factual answer, by all means reach out to us. We just hope that we don't check all the boxes.

As usual, I give TMI, this time during our Drunk Life Advice Sesh take 2 and Brooke dishes out some excellent advice for men when it comes to intimacy. There is no better way to start the weekend than to have some drinks with your friends so go grab your bevy, settle in and hit play. Remember, when you're with Drinks with Friends, you are not drinking alone.

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

Episode Chapters:

0:39 - Jen's body is angry

3:10 - What's an alcoholic anyway?

4:45 - We need a professional

5:09 - The Pink Dick Special

8:18 - Welcome, our biggest fan

9:05 - Nitrous oxide gas: the thing friendships are made from

12:15 - Note: Tofurkey

14:25 - When you're a unicorn at a child's party and it goes very, very bad

19:40 - When the Uber driver needed time to process during your ride

20:18 - When you almost kill the small man in the elevator

21:45 - GAS

24:00 - Brandice's ass. The first most embarassing tale. #metoo

28:15 - Highbeams to cottage country. The second most embarassing tale. #metooagain

33:40 - Bachelorette party conclusion

44:05 - When Chad's raging personality disorder seeps out

47:30 - Drunk Life Advice - Schmicole from Moronto

51:50 - Lonely in Toronto

59:57 - Amanda has a secret admirer

1:03:20 - When you thought you spoke French but forgot that you don't

1:08:45 - All the spots are filled

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