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Episode 12 - Home Brews and Peg Leg Crews with Sean Street and Andy Ingram of ANML Brewery

Well hi ho, DWF listeners!

We're back again for another round of Drinks with Friends - go grab yourself a bevvie and hit PLAY.

Today we're joined by the heterosexual life-partnership-love-birds that are Sean Street and Andy Ingram of ANML Brewery who are here to share their brewski creations with us.

Will they win Jen over with their Oatmeal Chocolate Vanilla Stout?

We chat all things beer, weed and bikers.

Jen and I share a cautionary tale of when Jen's karma turned around to bite her in the ass....er....foot, when a biker was out to kill us both after a Jen uttered a special word and we both took a tequila shot at the best bar in Keswick.

We also repeat a Drunk Life Advice question, because...alcohol...and old age maybe.

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Do you have problems with flakey friends in your life? We tackle this issue in What Chaps My Ass and Drunk Life Advice and offer some advice.

So join us, won't you, for this informative and hilarious DWF episode. Go pour yourself a bevvie...you're not drinking alone if you're listening to Drinks with Friends.

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Episode Highlights

1:22 - It's Thanksgiving in May 2:25 - Turkey and red wine 3:00 - Jen's holiday food choice is gross 5:00 - Bulldozer tour memories 5:42 - Whale sausage 6:13 - The stink meat and underpants AirBNB 8:45 - The best day of the whole year 9:45 - Andy and Sean show up from ANML Brewery 13:53 - Love is in the air 14:13 - Sean is a bit of a tattle tale 15:20 - The glowing couple 16:20 - How the brews started 18:00 - Beer Ed. 19:50 - Mistakes lead to more beer 23:52 - Legalization, bitches! 24:45 - THC + Booze = sleepytime for Brooke 25:55 - Coke and CBD 26:45 - Oatmeal Chocolate Vanilla Stout - fuck yes. 29:46 - You're a Rubik's Cube, girl 32:40 - First date attire 33:32 - Be efficient, don't be stupid 34:18 - Is pulled pork a deal breaker? 34:49 - Steak tartare synchronicity 35:29 - Disappointed Friend With Wine in Hand 40:45 - Before you complain, communicate 41:55 - How to be a better dick 43:20 - Repeat offender flakes 46:13 - Drunk overcommitting with humans is bad, but investments are ok 47:00 - Being on time is just embarassing 49:00 - Craft beer and critics 50:33 - Jen and Brooke's scary and cautionary tale of karma, gout and and a biker and his gang who wanted to kill us. 56:00 - He drives tricycles, probably to Hamilton 57:37 - Pluggin and passion for beer

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