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Episode 11 - Brews, Spring Rolls and Jams with Jason James

Hi guys!

Brooke here. And we're not dead.

We've been deep in the editing basement getting our next season ready for your listening pleasure. And we're back today, and weekly for the next while with fresh and hilarious episodes of the best podcast around - Drinks with Friends.

In this episode, we're joined by GTA recording artist Jason James as we have a Drinks with Friends first - a LIVE acoustic set when Jason performs his new single Borrowed Time. Which, by the way, is a super catchy tune. Jason's drink of choice is a beer called Stonewall Light - add a tad of lime to it and it's super smooth.

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We start the episode by sharing anti-hangover remedies. We like to give you practical information here, kids.

After our amazing live music, our Drunk Life Advice comes from Roberto from Barcelona and he wants to know how to seal the deal with Jen. If you also have that question, not to fear, we've answered it here today folks.

We also have a few pet peeves in What Chaps my Ass which involve the motorcar and elderly people. Separate and together. And Jen goes on a tirade over a local GTA Escalade driver...license plate number included.

Jen also has to apologize to Jason over Emily Haines.

So join us, won't you, for this ground breaking DWF episode. Go pour yourself a bevvie...you're not drinking alone if you're listening to Drinks with Friends.

Episode Highlights

1:08 - Jen dreams of Brooke's death

3:00 - More bad dreams

7:12 - Weed Wednesday

8:34 - Let's do shrooms

12:01 - Jason James has a porn name

13:41 - The Booze Hound and the Functioning Alcoholic

15:18 - Jen's anti-hangover solution

18:46 - Jason's anti-hangover solution

21:07 - Why you should chew your food when you drink

22:26 - What we're drinking - Jason's choice

24:06 - Jen would have survived the stone ages according to social media

26:45 - Music chat

31:03 - Prosecco cork pop and ass tea

32:28 - A DWF first moment! Jason performs his single Borrowed Time live

37:02 - Drunk Life Advice - we answer Roberto from Barcelona's question

40:19 - Driving pet peeves

46:08 - No logic drivers

48:26 - Jen goes on a tirade over a specific Escalade in Toronto (do you recognize this license plate?)

50:06 - Elderly people are annoying when you have shit to do

51:39 - Jason channels an elderly drunk Jewish lady

55:00 - Check out woes

1:01:00 - Jen needs to entschuldigung to Jason about a Metric mix up

1:04:21 - Pluggin

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