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Sirius Laughs and Societal Dilemmas with Sirius XM Top Comic Chanty Marostica

Hello Hello! We are back after a well-deserved break. Break from booze you say? Hell no, but a break none the less. We missed you all and we hope you missed us too. We have a very special guest with us on this episode. You may in fact already know them. Chanty Marostica is taking Canada by storm with their brand of hilarious comedy. But don't take my word for it. Get out there and see a show. It is a guarantee that it won't be the last time you see Chanty.

In addition to winning the SiriusXM Canada's Top Comic in 2018, Chanty has been nominated for a 2019 Juno Award for Best Comedy Album. They are incredibly generous with us in sharing their story about coming out as Trans Gender. Chanty has opened the door for many others following in their footsteps and we cannot wait to see what comes next for this bright Canadian Star!

Meanwhile, Brooke takes the long trek up north to Timmins to visit her dear Granny. Granny is a bit confused but has a fun story that is on repeat. Its one I can listen to all day. I share my trials and tribulations of making friends when I first moved to Toronto, but Brooke's memory may differ from mine. I am good a making female friends in washrooms, I will give her that.

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Mothers, Mothers Mothers. We share some fun tidbits about Sandy, Carol and Marilyn. What would we do without these ladies? We talk about the lovely lead women in our lives and have a bit of banter on Motherhood - then and now. Our listeners can look forward to some future episodes that have a special segment, Conversations with Carol. You will not believe what my parents got up to in Florida back in October. You won't want to miss it.

We are taking another wee break whilst we wisk ourselves off to sunny (crazy ass heatwave) Australia. Brooke and I are heading to the Great Barrier Reef with none other than Dick and Carol Beagle themselves. We will be sure to compile oddles of stories for our avid listeners. This is going to be one hell of a trip. We want to thank each and every one of our loyal listeners. There is plenty more content coming your way so grab a drink, cozy up and tune in. Remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you're not drinking alone.

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