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Cannabis Christmas Special with Chronic Cousin Christian

Christmas everyone. Christmas. Is it a Merry Christmas? I don't know yet because someone in the Beagle family is bound to ruin it. So for now, just Christmas.

We have got a dozy for you today folks. Chronic Cousin Christian of the cult punk band Chronic Submission joins us and brings his own brand of flavour....Cannabis. We are talking everything green and reminiscing on our favourtie Christmas memories. We even have special guest, Chopper.

If you haven't heard of Chronic Submission, we highly recommend taking a listen. Formed in 1983 in the mean street of Toronto, these punk rockers, originally consisting of Chud Nugent (vocals), Ruston Baldwin (drums), Tyler Ripley (vocals), Christian Wagner (guitar), Johnny McNabb (guitar), Hamish Young (bass), took over the Toronto Punk Scene. Years later they have a cult following and they are still selling out shows! Good luck getting a ticket. If you ever need to get some aggression out, these are the guys to listen to. Even Brooke and I have our own song off of their debut album Sick Of Reality. If you know the album you have guessed our song. That's right, Bulldozer. Really just says it all.

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Christian will regale us with stories of the old days, lying to the heat, getting in some heat with the hare krishna's, delivering Uber Eats but most importantly, What Chap's his Ass....quite literally. He has a way with words and we hope he will be back for a part 2.

Tis the season for drinking everyone and we are drinking to Slayer during this episode with a mixture of Finlandia Vodka, Fresca and a splash of cranberry juice. Christian calls this the "Kerry King". We tinkle our glasses to Kerry and the late Jeff Hanneman

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

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