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Fighting the Corolla Epidemic with MMA Pioneer Joel Gerson

You just received notification of the latest Drinks with Friends Episode. You think to yourself "I am going to listen to this in the car". You are half way to your destination when you get to "What Chaps my Ass". You realize you are driving a Toyota Corolla!! Do not panic, dear friend. This does not automatically make you a bad driver. It does, however, lump you into the 99.9% of bad Corolla drivers. There is hope. In this day of consumerism it is easy to get into a new vehicle. You can trade-in, trade-up or even trade-down. As a DWF listener we still love you and we are here for support at Drunk Life Advice whenever you need us.

We are joined today by the one, the only, the legend in MMA greatness, Captain Joel "Joelle" Gerson. OK, so he is not a Captain per say but it has a ring to it. Instead he is a Pioneer of the sport and owner of REV MMA in Toronto. Joel, or "Joelle" as he is lovingly referred to as by his mother, had humble beginnings as a child, kicking it in his stylish Wallabees for boys. Who could have known that a little boy named Joelle, wearing these Wallabees, could rise through the ranks and become the MMA Master he is today? I mean, just look at them.

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Shoes aside, Joel has had a pretty impressive career leading up to REV MMA and he has fought some legendary fighters, such as Rumina Sato and won with a classic Arm Bar! The fight was even discussed on the Joe Rogan Experience. Check out the fight here.

Fighting must have been in the air because I had some fight in me for the TTC and a big enshordegon for my co-workers, who may have gotten a mouth full from my spicy ass. Brooke justifies my actions with the Lunar Eclipse, which I take. No way it has anything to do with premenstrual syndrome. By the end of the episode I am just a sweet little Monchhichi


Can I get a collective "awwwwwwwwwwwww". I am so sweet. We are drinking one of Brooke's favourties as she city name drops. Can you guess the drink and the city? You have to tune in to find out so you know what time it is. Go and grab your favourite bevy, cozy up on the couch, contemplate your choice in vehicle and join us for the last episode of season one! Remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you're not drinking alone.

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