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Halloween Special & Tantalizing Tarot Card Reading with Steph Haller

That's right everyone...its Halloween!!! Halloween is a bitter sweet date because it is both the best holiday of the year and the last day of October. I hope you all made the most of the spooky month of October and you will start your Halloween off right, with the Drinks with Friends Halloween Special!

Today we are joined by Steph Haller, a good friend, a great actor, a fun character and a beginner tarot card reader. Steph is going to answer our most pressing questions and shed some light on what's to come. I am incredibly vulnerable is this episode as I ask what my future has to hold. I was not expecting what the cards had in store for me and I had to face up to some tough truths. I hope our listeners can spread their positive energy my way for my journey forward.

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There is something so nostalgic about Halloween. Remember being a child and being so excited to go Trick or Treating, showing off your costume and watching scary movies. I guess it isn't much different to Halloween now except I buy the candy, my costumes usually have something to do with crack and I am desperately seeking movies that actually scare me. Young or old, this is a holiday for all of us to enjoy.

And the award for best Drinks with Friends Cocktail goes to........STEPH HALLER. Brooke and I are blow away by Steph's choice in cocktail and all the components that were carefully thought out. I dream about this cocktail. We will send out a special message to our subscribers when we have the video up on our YoubTube channel. I am aware that is not the correct spelling but I cannot actually pronounce YouTube properly in any of these recordings.

What are you up to tonight? Whatever it is we hope you can find time to curl up on the couch with your favorite bevy and listen to our favourite Halloween memories, including a fun story with the one and only Boner. We hope this is an exceptional Halloween for everyone and remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you're not drinking alone.

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Jen and Brooke

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