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Episode 7: Whiskey and Politics Don't Go Together with John Malloy

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "What does whiskey mix with"? We at DWF asked ourselves that question a short time ago and the answer is.....a coma. Fans of DWF are familiar with the tale of Jenny Coma, a young drunk woman who drinks to the point of mute. Jenny Coma is also Brooke's drunk alter ego. Episode 7 has a very special appearance by Jenny and you can hear (or not hear) Jenny though our unedited version of the podcast on our Patreon page

We are joined by fellow Podcaster, John Malloy. John and his brother, Daniel are the hosts of 2 Brothers 2 Movies, a podcast where these brothers review 2 movies from the same year. They can be older movies or newer movies but one thing listeners need to know is there are Spoiler Alerts! The fun is in watching the same movies and listening to their opinions and seeing how they vary from yours. These guys are funny and have interesting insight. Definitely check them out after this DWF episode.

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John brought us some Irish Whiskey to drink and brought some ASMR into our lives. If you don't know what ASMR is, we encourage you to check it out.

Brooke and I are not fans of amber liquors....or so I thought. Usually Brooke and I are on the same page with booze selections and we agree that amber liquors can make us be aggressive and unnecessarily augmentative. John quickly changed Brooke's mind. During this episode Brooke will drink whiskey in sheer delight. The outcome is not as delightful but the journey is worth the listen.

When is discussing politics a good idea? Certainly not whilst drinking....especially drinking the illusive amber liquors. In my humble opinion, I don't ever think it is fun to discuss politics with anyone who has strong views and has strong knowledge of those views. The important thing is to keep an open mind and be respectful. But is that possible with something as personal and passionate as ones politics? I don't know the answer to that but I do know that WHISKEY AND POLITICS DO NOT MIX. Don't do it people. Keep the drinking to Bryan Adams karaoke.

What is Jenny Coma like in real life? Will Jen change her mind about the dangers of chardonnay? Has Brooke ever ended up pant less in Jen's bed? Does John get the answer he is seeking to what chaps his ass? This and so much more in this episode of Drinks with Friends. Remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you are not drinking alone.

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