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What's Your Pressing Question?

Hi Loyal Listeners!

Thanks to YOUR support, we are starting to record our season 2 tomorrow. (There are still 2 episodes of season 1 set to come out in the next few days which you don't want to miss either...trust me). #whiskey #jennycoma

We have some pretty amazing guests lined up including an award winning stand-up comic, a tarot card reader, and a guest who had a run-in with a unicorn penis. Seriously, it's set to be amazing.

And we're bringing back Drunk Life Advice! Here's your opportunity to have your questions answered by Brooke, Jen and our special guests while under the influence of our good friend alcohol. What's better than an expert, drunk panel answering your most pressing questions about life. Submit your question here...you can do so anonymously.

See ya during season 2!


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