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Episode 5: Can You Feel the Underwear in the Air Tonight? With I-Yana [Beyoncé] Tucker

We are coming at you full estrogen ahead. Finally, our first female guest and certainly not our last. Girl power! Or should I say Beyoncé Power!

We are joined by the outrageously funny and fabulous, I-Yana Tucker, who is a self-proclaimed Beyoncé and she is also the Talent Manager at Wattpad, the world's largest community for readers and writers. I-Yana brings her own Paris story to the table. Will I-Yana find the love she is looking for, or will she find it twice? We compare our journeys and come to an ultimate conclusion about Paris - it is fabulous.

Some things are only understood by women. For instance the [possibly dreaded] wedding/baby shower or the elusive female orgasm. We delve into these subjects and get to the bottom of the shower celebration. Are they really only for people getting married or having a baby? Can they also be used for other women who need stuff in their life, like a stacked bar for instance? We weigh in on this taboo topic and others.

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I-Yana and I were roommates for many years and we know each other very well. We would even finish each others sentences and get into each others thoughts. I used to say that I-Yana lived in my brain. One thing we did not agree on [among many things] was the use of photos. I don't mind a bad shot here and there if it ensues a laugh but I-Yana believes in looking your best, especially when it is captured in a photo. There was no surprise that she had to give her approval when I was making a roommate collage for the apartment. And a beautiful collage it was. See if you can point out a certain Coronation Street Star who paid us a special visit.

But I didn't mind having a bad shot of me in the collage when the memory was so precious. Like when I messaged I-Yana a picture of myself, crying from watching one On the Run Tour. I love their love and I don't care who knows it!

There is nothing quite like a good gab with your girls, so go pour some Rosé, settle into the couch with your favorite cozy blanket and join Brooke, I-Yana and myself. Be warned, we may or may not be wearing underwear.

Thanks for joining us and remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you're not drinking alone!

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

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