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Episode 4: Flat Earthing and Mankles with Photographer Keenan Orrange

Welcome welcome! We hope you have a drink in your hand right now and you are ready for another fun filled episode of Drinks with Friends. We get deep this time guys, seriously deep about our planet and men’s ankles (#mankles).

Is the Earth round? Is it flat? Was there ever really a question after the Middle Ages? Find out what we think about the Flat Earth phenomena and another, equally important phenomena, mankles. When is it ok to expose such skin on a man?

We are joined by my very own John Arbuckle, in the sense that he lives upstairs and owns Garfield. His Garfield is named Momo but they are one in the same cat except for Momo’s signature snaggletooth. Our guest is Keenan Orrange, a local Toronto Photographer and my personal hero for many situations including my saviour from a drunk man in the ally. Thanks again, Keenan.

Jen hits the club for a night she hopes to soon forget and she has a warning for all our listeners who may be making their way out to the clubbing district tonight.

Player not showing up properly? Catch the episode here.

We ask the question, do people really put personal photos in their resume or CV. Spoiler alert! The answer is yes and it is apparently a great way to land the job. How can they say no to this mug?

Brooke warns us about the consumption of Whisky and other amber liquor products. Fast forward to Episode 7 where she gets hammered on Whisky. We are all allowed not to listen to our own advice, even if it is the best advice on the planet. Bye Bye Brooke, hello Jenny Coma.

Thanks for joining us and remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you're not drinking alone!

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

Thank You to Our Executive Producers and Supporters of This Episode!

Katharin Cowan

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