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Episode 3: Getting Schooled (and too drunk, Jen) with Second City Alumnus, Devon Hyland!

Episode 3 is near and dear to my heart because my beloved improv coach, Devon Hyland, is with us and he gets to see me being the most outrageous improv character I have, myself. You can catch Devon’s comedy all over the city of Toronto including the much anticipated Balloon Adventures playing at the Bad Dog Theatre (https://baddogtheatre.com/) on August 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2018. Devon is also featured as the voice of Gavin Moonboom on the Netflix Series, Cupcake and Dino (Dino is pronounced Dino, not Dino, just to be clear), airing on Friday July 27th, 2018. DON’T.MISS.IT.

I encourage each and every one of you to visit www.devonhyland.ca for an immediate laugh and check out my favourite youbtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/waronpepper.

Grab a drink and join us for an insider’s look at the Toronto Improv community. Find out what Jen was like as a beginner improviser and listen as she drinks those critiques away. Meanwhile Brooke experiences a life changing shower experience and shares stories of her raw meat expeditions.

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It’s hard not to truly enjoy the delicious crisp flavour of a Mojito and sometimes on Drinks with Friends we get smashed! In this episode it is my turn to take on the part of being the smashed person and the center of attention. I role I don’t often care for, being the wallflower I am. I can only hope that our listeners are with us and our drinks every step of the way.

We did not uncover the mystery man who looks just like Brooke’s Dad. I am carefully selecting my guess and if you want to know what I think, you can DM me @jjbeags. We hope that you enjoy the show and please don’t forget to support our Blue Jays -> BUY HATS!!

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

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