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Episode 2: An Infamous Night in Paris with Sommelier Tim Reed Manessy

Episode 2 – Wooo Hooo! We are at it again folks and we are ready because we had our breakfast of Caesars and Advil.

Breakfast would not be complete without a wee run in on Queen West in Parkdale. Did you know it now costs a minimum of $20.00 to pet a dog? It’s true. Not to worry if your wallet is light, there is always an ATM close by.

Listen as Brooke and I desperately try to pronounce sommelier and give up when our guest, Tim Reed Manessy from The Living Vine gives us the much needed short form for the word (hint: its “Somm”). We are taste testing (or in our case, drink testing) our beautiful wines. Big thanks to The Living Vine for their generous donation.

We met Tim on a blind friend date in Paris, France. We didn’t know what to expect when we were waiting to meet Tim outside the Hotel de Ville and our date became a delightful surprise to all of us as day turned into night and almost back into day again. We share our unexpected first impressions with each other and remember how lucky we were to find pay public washrooms wherever we went!

Even in the grand Tuileries where treasures are around (and in) every hedge.

Did Tim make his flight? Did Brooke go into a coma? Will Jen find the 13th way to use a condom? It’s all waiting for you in Episode 2 or Drinks with Friends. Grab your favourite organic du vin, cozy up and have a drink with us.

Much Love,

Jen and Brooke

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Thank You to Our Executive Producers and Supporters of This Episode!

The Living Vine

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