Hello, Friends.

About the Podcast...who are these people?

Everyone has those special friends who you can’t help but have a seriously great time with, especially when alcohol is involved.  We all have those crazy nights where we meet interesting characters who are forever nicknamed in our lives and where we could possibly lose our pants.  That is what Drinks with Friends is all about.


But who are we?

Drinks with Friends represents all the great friends out there who are having a laugh, a reminiscent moment, sharing stories and of course having a few [too many] drinks. 


Individually we are Brooke Simmons and Jen Beagle, long-time friends and travel mates.  We have been together through thick and thin and we have travelled together near and far collecting some outrageously funny stories and even more outrageous characters along the way.  We never know what will happen when we get together. We can go from a serious discussion one minute to a rip roaring laugh the next, like most great friends can do.   

Come on a journey with us while we explore life with alcohol in our 30 somethings, reminisce about crazy times with alcohol in our 20 somethings and worry about our inevitable alcoholism in our 40-somethings.  Each week we will have a special guest who is one of the many characters in our lives to bring different perspectives and select our signature drink. 

We are broadcasting from one of the most diverse and colourful neighbourhoods in Toronto, Parkdale!  You never know what may happen or who could be passing by.  Now it is time to make yourself a drink, get into your cozy place and tune in for a podcast like no other.  Sign up on Patreon to get exclusive audio, video and much more!  Cheers and remember, when you are with Drinks with Friends, you are not drinking alone.

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